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All her life Charlotte Belmore was good at only one thing: blending in. Now she's good at a lot of things, like lifting cars and telepathically moving physical matter. Unfortunately, she's also kinda dead. Kinda.


Brittany Motumba is Charlotte's best (and pretty much only) friend. Although Brittany's no stranger to the supernatural (having a former supervillain for a dad will do that), hanging out with Charlotte has made her life exponentially weirder. 


Freddie Adams has never considered himself  particularly brave or particularly strong. Hopefully he's braver than he gives himself credit for. If not...

too bad for him.


Loner, criminal, troublemaker. All good descriptions for Sophie McFarland, although none of them even mention her worrying aptitude for black magic.


The Grim Reaper, the Pallid Angel; the Messenger of Death has many names and very VERY little patience.

The owner of the local costume shop, Colin Daniels is a family friend who offers free advice and free candy, and is one of the few people Charlotte trusts with her ghastly secret.


Rick is the quarterback for the Midvale Mosquitoes and makes up for a lack of cleverness and conscientiousness by being quarterback for the Midvale Mosquitoes. Go, Mosquitoes!



Stuck-up and completely self absorbed, Betta has a talent for making people feel small. It may be that her nasty personality is just a cover for her own insecurity... or maybe she's just mean.


A mischievous shrunken head, Iggy has an inflated ego but no arms or legs to tether it to anything.


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